Hard Landscaping

Neville Jones provide all aspects of hard gardenlandscaping including paving, paths and patios, driveways, walls, decking and fencing.

Fencing and Gates

Neville Jones build and install fences that will add interest and privacy to your garden. We can offer a wide range of fencing to suit your gardens needs.

Patios and Paving

Neville Jones can offer a variety of styles and materials to choose from which will match your property


Neville Jones can offer you a range of styles and materials to prvide a stylish and functional driveway that suits the existing landscape.

Terracing and Retaining Walls

Neville Jones can tackle any challenge, in this case the completion of the lower steps and retaining walls of this terrace and levelling the bottom garden ready for seeding.

Water gardens and Water Features

Neville Jones can provide pond & water garden features.  The array of spectacular colours from the fish and plants together with the sound of running water really do bring a garden to life.  Ponds naturally attract an array of wildlife, which adds a further element of interest to your garden.

Dry Stone Walling

Neville Jones can provide dry stone walling. Dry stone wall s are a common feature in the Cotswolds and are one of the oldest forms of field and property boundaries. Their popularity has increased and they are now also used as garden boundaries, retaining walls and landscaping features